What if you are the one you’ve been waiting for?

Right now, you might be...
  • first_signAbandoning your inner child for your outer bitch.
  • first_signConfused as to why you seem to keep dating the same person, or pattern, in different forms.
  • first_signLiving in a glass case of emotion, either too many or none at all.
  • first_signFrustrated and disappointed in yourself, and others, because somehow only you got the memo that you are the center of the universe? Rude.
What if you could have...
  • second_signA friendship with your inner child... who is now your Inner-Cheerleader who loves you!
  • second_signA deep understanding of your personality traits, your personality type, your fundamental beliefs on life, and the lens through which you view relationships.
  • second_signGrace and empathy for yourself, and others, which leads to better friendships and relationships.
  • second_signIncreased opportunity to find a partner to build a conscious relationship with.

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are?

What makes you like the people you do?

Why do you have an easier time feeling certain feelings?

Why are you attracted to a certain type of person?

I want to know

Wonder no more.

Enroll in The Insight Masterclass.

A five module course is designed to help you better understand:
  • your personality traits
  • your personality type
  • your fundamental beliefs on life
  • the lens you view relationships through
We explore the root causes + how to change with:
  • assessments
  • guided exercises
  • video lessons by yours truly


I’m ready

Can you identify with any of the following statements?


I find myself settling for less than I deserve.


I am afraid of feeling the vulnerability required for deep connection.


I wouldn’t tolerate the experiences that I go through if I had the strength in me to stand up for myself.


I am sick of feeling like I'm not enough, that I don't matter and no one will love me.

Change is possible. Take the class.


Q: What is included in the course?

This five module course is designed to help you better understand your personality traits, your personality type, your fundamental beliefs on life, and the lens you view relationships through. We explore the root causes with assessments and some video lessons by yours truly. There are also downloadable worksheets.

Q: Is there a time limit?

You have lifetime access. You can go at your own pace. 

Q: What if I have questions throughout the course?

I recommend going through the course in it’s entirety before asking questions, as many of them will be answered as you go through the modules.
Any technical questions can be directed to the support staff throughout the course.

Q: Do I have to live in the United States to take the class?

No you don’t have to. The course is currently only available in English, however the assessments are available in multiple languages.

Q: How does this course address the issue of diversity, equiity and inclusion?

The intent of the course is to honor diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The course material is sourced from research and clinical material that aim to be respectful of diversity: gender, sexuality, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, and culture. Though some of the assessments have not advanced to be as inclusive linguistically as society has expanded to, it is still encouraged that you utilize discretion and critical thinking skills to filter the material to apply to your own life. You are the expert on your individual experience.

Q: I am not seeking a relationship; I want to learn more about myself. Will taking this course still be helpful?

Understanding yourself better helps a partner understand you better, whenever you decide the timing of that partnership/relationship is. You may realize over the course that you are more (or less) prepared for a relationship than you thought. All insight is helpful.

Q: You mentioned assessments that shave years off therapy, is this course a replacement for therapy?

Nope! The assessments and information in this course may be material that you would cover in your own individual self-development, whether that be therapy or coaching. It is not a replacement for doing the work with someone else.

Q: What is the investment?

$997. Some people focus on price, others will focus on the cost of being in the same place a year from now.

I am ready

The Creator



I am the Confidence & Assertiveness Specialist™.

My mission in life to help ambitious women create conscious relationships by healing patterns that no longer serve them and rewire subconscious beliefs about worthiness to empower their most authentic, confident, and assertive selves.

I make sense of evolutionary and social psychology to help you, in modern-day, understand how men and women approach dating and relationships differently. Like, extremely differently. I would love to teach you what makes us do what we do as women and why we will be disappointed if we expect men to be like us.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and am a Certified Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. I felt too limited by the confines of therapy, so I began coaching to share my knowledge with a larger audience. I have extensive expertise to share that helps you gain a better understanding of the way you think and feel to attract better and keep a partner. I have the tools to help you have a renewed sense of self so you can make the life you dream of and the partner you want a reality. 




Business Coaching

You still believe external accomplishments will eventually heal your self-worth and not feeling good enough. What ends up happening is it fuels the cycle of constantly striving for more. The real way to increase your net worth is to heal your self-worth.

Business Growth


Private Coaching

In our work, you will learn real-life skills to help you feel more confident and empowered. We’ll work together to help you figure out who you are. The one you decide to be, not who everybody else wants you to be.

Start Now

I give my own gold stars

“I went from being a people-pleasing raw-dogger of overwork, stress, and shame to stepping into an authentic version of the business woman I had wanted to but was too scared to become for sooooo long.”

Natalia H.

I realized I really do love myself

“Talia helped me to see that it was okay to be myself. Before I started working with her, I didn’t like myself very much. Once I started to own those parts of me and stopped shaming myself, I realized I really do love myself. I had been letting other people’s thoughts of me get in the way of what I really knew – which is that I’m worthy from the inside out.”

Cassie M.

Now I feel cool, calm & collected

“I started at the bottom and now I’m thriving. Before working with Talia I felt like anxiously attached raw-nerve fumbling through life and now I feel cool, calm and collected. I learned how to set boundaries without feeling guilty, manage my emotions and realize my self-worth.”

Lexi G.

Talk to someone who gets it

“She did more for me in an hour than any of my other therapists did in years when I was going through my divorce years ago. If you want to talk to someone who gets it, work with Talia. She is so down to earth and a very positive energy to be around. I would not have been able to meet my new husband without her voice in my head cheering me on!”

Marissa S.

Talia is as real as they come

“Talia is as real as they come. She is hilarious and truly understands me. I felt so anxious about, well, everything in life when I started college and now my friends come to me for advice because I’m so put together! It feels great to know I put in the work and have Talia guiding me along the way.”

Erin F.