Talia Bombola

Confidence & Assertiveness Specialist™

My work is centered around helping
people live a life with great boundaries,
contagious self-confidence, assertiveness
and self-respect.


I help remove the obstacles
keeping you from a life you love.


Let’s get you out of your own way.

When you choose to live a dream, you need a plan to make it come true. Once you have a plan, a coach will help you stick to it and get around any obstacles. Working together, we will identify those blocks and find ways for you to overcome them. People I coach get personalized help with:
  • Increasing their self-worth
  • Discovering, developing, and deepening insight
  • Setting boundaries
  • Navigating friendships in adulthood
  • Identifying what they do and do not want in a romantic partner
  • Rediscovering fulfillment in existing romantic relationships
  • Activating life’s full potential
It all sounds great! Where do I start?
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I give my own gold stars

“I went from being a people pleasing raw-dogger of overwork, stress and shame to an stepping into an authentic version of the business woman I had wanted to but was too scared to become for sooooo long.”

Natalia H.

I realized I really do love myself

“Talia helped me to see that it was okay to be myself. Before I started working with her, I didn’t like myself very much. Once I started to own those parts of me and stopped shaming myself, I realized I really do love myself. I had been letting other people’s thoughts of me get in the way of what I really knew – which is that I’m worthy from the inside out.”

Cassie M.

Now I feel cool, calm & collected

“I started at the bottom and now I’m thriving. Before working with Talia I felt like anxiously attached raw-nerve fumbling through life and now I feel cool, calm, and collected. I learned how to set boundaries without feeling guilty, manage my emotions and realize my self-worth.”

Lexi G.

Talk to someone who gets it

“She did more for me in an hour than any of my other therapists did in years when I was going through my divorce years ago. If you want to talk to someone who gets it, work with Talia. She is so down to earth and a very positive energy to be around. I would not have been able to meet my new husband without her voice in my head cheering me on!”

Marissa S.

Talia is as real as they come

“Talia is as real as they come. She is hilarious and truly understands me. I felt so anxious about, well, everything in life when I started college and now my friends come to me for advice because I’m so put together! It feels great to know I put in the work and have Talia guiding me along the way.”

Erin F.

Courses to help you do the work, vs. having a meltdown at work.

Life’s lessons are in session.

Classes and courses – from an ACTUAL expert – that include research, clinical expertise, sound advice and personal experience being a human being.

Why hello

I help you master the messiness of
adulthood by unwriting narratives
other people wrote for (or about)
you and start creating your own.