I too am an *actual* human.

Hi there. I’m Talia.

I am a kind, strong, confident woman who loves helping others discover their best self. I am a supportive teammate and an advocate. I am a person, just like many of you, who has overcome challenges in life. I am certain there is no issue or struggle too great to overcome. I believe in the value of self-development and that a life can truly transform because of it.


My experience:
lived and earned.

Professional Details

I am the Confidence + Assertiveness Specialist™. My work is centered around helping ambitious women heal patterns of feeling “not enough” or “too much” that manifest in their personal and professional life and rewire subconscious beliefs so they can increase their self-worth and their net worth.

I make sense of evolutionary and social psychology to help you, in modern-day, understand how men and women approach life and relationships differently. Like, extremely differently. I teach you what makes us do what we do as women, and why we will be disappointed if we expect men to be like us.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and am a Certified Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. I felt too limited by the confines of therapy, so I began coaching to share my knowledge with a larger audience. I have extensive expertise to share that helps you gain a better understanding of how to change the way you think and feel to experience less disappointment in your life and how to attract and keep a partner. You will learn how to have a renewed sense of self in order to make the life you dream of, and the partner you want, a reality.

My degrees, letters behind my name, and titles are what “technically” qualifies me to do all that I do, but I have over 16 years of experience of ‘doing the work’ on myself. When I mentor, I say, “You have to sit on the couch before you can sit in the chair.” I also tell my clients, “As deeply as you know yourself is as deeply as another can know you.”

I have sat on more couches than a Living Spaces showroom can offer and my preferred level of insight is the bottom of the iceberg that sank the Titanic. I am open and transparent about my ongoing personal development journey. I think that is what makes me an approachable and relatable expert in the field.

It is no accident that the same therapeutic and psychological healing modalities that are foundational to my own personal growth journey as a client are the same modalities I use to go deeper with clients, connecting them to self-awareness and insight that transforms their life. I have a unique way of working with clients that takes them to the deep end of their psyche.



& Assertiveness

Depth Psychology

Abundance Mindset

Shadow Work 



“Talia is a powerhouse speaker who utilizes her charisma, intelligence and relatability to captivate her audience. Her well-timed humor will have the whole room laughing.”

“Talia leaves audiences with actionable skills to improve interpersonal communication, address their entrepreneurial insecurities, feelings of unworthiness, and overthinking tendencies that keep them from living a life overflowing with satisfaction.”

I motivate entrepreneurs in multiple industries. Your audience will leave with an empowered mindset that will inspire change in every direction of life and confidence that lasts a lifetime.

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